Resources for writers and jobseekers

Here you will find links, advice, or how-tos that have proven their utility to me or my peers.

On this blog:

Web Resources for the Bookish Jobhunter

Two Exercises for Career Evaluation

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Philadelphia Emerging Museum Professionals: It’s unsurprisingly that a city this culturally rich has a vibrant community of people dedicated to working with and protecting its cultural institutions. I believe there are great EMP sites in other cities as well.

Ask a Manager: Search for pretty much any job question you have–how to write a profile for your resume, what to include in a thank-you–and Ask a Manager has covered it. In addition to general job advice, this site ranks national corporations as employers, with data provided by employees.

Books and other hardware:

The Marketplace of Ideas by Louis Menand. W. W. Norton and Company, reprint 2010.
Menand offers a history of liberal arts education that contextualizes how our existing four-year degrees have evolved (or not) over time. This book helped me understand a number of academic conflicts–such as the tension between canon and diversity–and also provided historical background for the current PhD crisis.

So What Are You Going to Do With That? by Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001.
A practical guide that includes some very useful exercises for determining what you want from a degree and how to reconfigure your academic C.V. into a snappy resume. I cried during my first read; it was just so touching to hear about other people who successfully and rationally transitioned from academic to other kinds of work.


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